Monday, May 20, 2013

Interior Lust

The closest I'll (hopefully) ever get to a nomadic lifestyle is my life in college. Especially over the past year. I realized today that in the past year, I've lived in 4 different homes (about to be 5 in two weeks) on a semi-permenant basis. From Syracuse to London to New York to Chicago, I'm feeling a little 'homeless' (not really). But most of all, I'm craving to have a permanent home (of my own, sorry Mom, but I'm a little over the whole 'living at home' thing) to decorate. While my first out of college home will most likely be the size of a postage stamp, here's a few photos of homes I'm lusting after.

Love the quilted headboard and chevron curtains

All these stripes would be a little overwhelming in a bedroom. However, I love the window opening to the canopy

I've always had a thing for chaise lounges. There's something very old-fashioned and elegant about them.

Gorgeous dark wood furniture and paneling? Swoon.

Such formally rustic paneling on the floor, love the trunk as a table as well

Bare, but still beautiful



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