Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Miss Vogue

Teen Vogue was the first magazine I ever subscribed to. As much as my younger teenaged self wanted to paw through the pages of Vogue, the stories and especially the fashions didn't apply to me, whereas Teen Vogue offered a more down-to-earth aspirational world. And while many of Teen Vogue's counterparts (RIP Cosmo Girl, Elle Girl, YM, Teen People, etc.) have folded over the past decade or so, there's something about the Teen Vogue brand that stuck. 

My current countrymen are picking up on that - and launching a Teen Vogue of their own this spring! British Vogue editor Francesca Burns let it slip over Twitter last week that Miss Vogue is being released in May. Hopefully it hits newstands before I leave England - this is something I have to see! Miss Vogue is not the first of its kind - Australia has a teen edition of the legendary magazine with the same title, covered by Kendall Jenner above. In other words for me, I'm headed to Amsterdam this weekend! Check out Instagram to stay updated. 

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  1. I love Teen Vogue as well, and I think that it's great that British Vogue is launching something similar!


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