Thursday, February 28, 2013

Currently Loving: A-Thread

When I would get ready in the mornings in high school, it was a successful day if I managed to not put my shirt on inside out (happened an embarassing amount of times), so accessories often fell by the wayside in my zombie-like early morning state (I still don't understand how I managed to get up at 7 AM every morning for that long). With the start of college came the start of late arrivals, and for that, my wardrobe couldn't be happier. I've recently been going on accessory binge, and there's nothing I love more than statement accessories for a good price. Enter A-Thread, a cute and affordable online shop with amazing jewelry, scarves and bags, not to mention their adorable clothes. Check out some of my favorites below!

ONE red floral cocktail ring
TWO kelly green bib necklace

THREE leather handle square tote by see design

FOUR heart to heart scarf

SIX sunday stroll handbag

SEVEN quilted chain handbag
EIGHT estelle chain necklace

NINE basic oversized watch

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Red Carpet Review: Oscars

Usually, I'm all about awards season. Friends come to me for my Oscar predictions, I'm hunkered down by the television the minute the red carpet starts, and I've been known to actually shed tears when my favorite wins (I was a blubbering mess last year with Meryl Streep). Unfortunately, the Oscars are not made for students studying abroad in Europe, and last night's broadcast coincided with the last night of my stay in Copenhagen for the weekend. A hostel at 2 am is not the place to watch an awards show when you have a flight that morning. While I may not have tuned into the actual broadcast (planning on catching it tomorrow at a Pret in between class), that didn't stop me from stalking all the red carpet photos upon my return to London this afternoon. Here are a few of my favorite looks from last night:

Beautiful gold detail on Catherine Zeta-Jones

Black beading for Adele

Jessica Chastain is one of my favorite actresses, and this dress is one of my favorites of the night.

Not sure if I'm yay or nay on Jennifer Aniston's bold red gown

Love the bow at the waist of Kerry Washington's embellished gown

Anne Hathaway hasn't gotten rave reviews for her dress, but I love the jewels on the neckline

One of the night's other big winners, Jennifer Lawrence rocks a huge skirt. 

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

J.Crew Fall 2013

Ah, J.Crew, you've done it again. Obsessed with these looks from yesterday's NYFW presentation. Seeing their collections is one of my favorite moments of fashion week. Glad to know that I won't be kicking the addiction anytime soon - not so sure my wallet feels the same way. Check out the full collection over at

Very Syracuse-friendly pants

Love the cranberry color and the pink piping on this blazer, not to mention the ballet slipper-esque shoes.

Emerald green Mary Jane's are a must. Love the cap toe as well, not to mention the understated print on this suit.

The print on this jacket is to die for. As are the orange drawstring pants.

Cable knit and metallic lavender leopard print? Perfection.

Thick scarfs and floral prints, with a hint of silver. The two straps around the ankles are the perfect touch.

Sleek and grey.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wish List: Reds and Mints

Completely wiped out from a whirlwind weekend in Amsterdam, which has made its way onto my list of favorite cities. I loved the canals lined with rowhouses, all the incredible art museums, the never ending options for pancakes, and of course, the yummy french fries! To start off the week (because I woke up way too early today to catch my flight for this Monday to even count towards the week's progress), a round up of some of my favorite things in two of my favorite colors. A bright leather tote, patent leather red wedges adorned with a bow, round sunglasses, an embellished bib collar, a funky hat (that I probably would never pull off), and of course, an homage to my current city. Any red or mint striking your fancy these days?
ONE topshop embellished collar top
TWO madewell hepcat shades
THREE j.crew linen scarf
FOUR kate spade tresor
FIVE j.crew crystal bib necklace
SIX gap leather tote
SEVEN kate spade london calling bangle
EIGHT forever 21 red belt
NINE forever 21 wool fedora
TEN madewell hearts bandana

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Miss Vogue

Teen Vogue was the first magazine I ever subscribed to. As much as my younger teenaged self wanted to paw through the pages of Vogue, the stories and especially the fashions didn't apply to me, whereas Teen Vogue offered a more down-to-earth aspirational world. And while many of Teen Vogue's counterparts (RIP Cosmo Girl, Elle Girl, YM, Teen People, etc.) have folded over the past decade or so, there's something about the Teen Vogue brand that stuck. 

My current countrymen are picking up on that - and launching a Teen Vogue of their own this spring! British Vogue editor Francesca Burns let it slip over Twitter last week that Miss Vogue is being released in May. Hopefully it hits newstands before I leave England - this is something I have to see! Miss Vogue is not the first of its kind - Australia has a teen edition of the legendary magazine with the same title, covered by Kendall Jenner above. In other words for me, I'm headed to Amsterdam this weekend! Check out Instagram to stay updated. 

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Monday, February 4, 2013

New Arrivals at J.Crew

When new arrivals spring up at J.Crew, I'm filled with a bit of a combination of joy and sadness: it's all so beautiful, but if I bought everything I wanted, I'd be broke in 5 minutes. Regardless, there are no J.Crew stores across the pond, so for now I'll have to settle for looking.
ONE cafe capri in gilded brocade
TWO biella tassel loafers
THREE postage stamp mini skirt
FOUR colorblock cardigan
FIVE tipped boy shirt
SIX ribbon dangle necklace
SEVEN printed iphone 5 case
EIGHT mini bag
NINE sperry top-sider for j.crew
TEN anchor ring

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