Monday, October 8, 2012

What I'm Wishing For

In case you missed yesterday's news, I'm going to London next semester! Since the dollar to pound exchange rate isn't looking so great, I'm planning on putting myself on a serious spending freeze for the rest of the semester. No matter how much I may want to, I cannot indulge in every little thing I see if I want to be able to enjoy London and travel throughout Europe. Here's my post-abroad (or never, considering the state my bank account will likely be in) wish list. Or perhaps my early Christmas wish list (parents, take note)!

Pave Link Bracelet: Again, these bracelets have been on the arm of every blogger in sight recently. Their trend factor and common post appearances has only made me want it more! Ann Taylor has the least expensive one I've seen yet. 

Peter Pan Collar Tee: A shirt I've wanted almost immediately since its arrival in stores. The Peter Pan collar is such a trend right now, but this shirt is clearly a timeless piece for winter.

Patent Leather BootiesBooties are another huge trend for fall, and I love the patent leather look - makes them perfect for dressing up a daytime outfit and making a transition to nighttime.

iPad: I've never truly seen the need before now, but after IFBCon I've been craving one. Friends say it's a necessity for going abroad - perfect for carting around on the tube or taking on flights and train rides to nearby European cities.

Navy Blazer: I borrowed a friend's for IFBCon last month, and I fell in love. Such a classic piece that instantly adds an element of sophistication and professionalism to any ensemble. I'd keep it neutral in a color like navy. Ralph Lauren and J.Crew both have ones I'm lusting after. 

Monogram Necklace - My style icon, Blair Eadie of Atlantic Pacific, turned me on to these necklaces and I've wanted one ever since. However, with that price tag, they're going to have to wait a few more months. 

The O.M.G. Bag: This bag from Lo & Sons caught my eye on many a blog and many a blogger's arm at IFBCon last month. It would be perfect for heading to and from class, and across Europe. Not to mention the lifetime value - more lasting than a simple tote, I could use this bag for future internships, back at Syracuse, and around home in Chicago. 

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