Monday, September 24, 2012

Keira on the Cover

I've always been a big Keira Knightley fan. We share a penchant for period films (never mind that her forte is acting in them while mine is simply viewing them), and I've loved almost everything she's starred in - Pride and Prejudice, Atonement, the Duchess, Pirates of the Caribbean - and of course I'm eagerly anticipating the Anna Karenina adaptation coming this November. 

In preparation for the film's release, Knightley has landed the cover of all covers - American Vogue (the October issue, a month shy of the real golden cover). Although Keira's already had a September Vogue cover, so you can't win every time. In this cover she's wearing a complete Chanel ensemble (a nod to her longstanding campaigns for the brand): a delicate cream-colored dress, bow and pearl earrings, and these odd silver cuffs - but hey, they bring a little something extra to the outfit - and it's a cool juxtaposition between the floral and the metal texture of the cuffs. From the cover line, it looks like they'll be discussing the expected: her role in Anna Karenina and her recent engagement. Can't wait to get this issue in the mail!


  1. She looks so classic and adorable in those photos. And that Chanel bow pearl earring is so pretty.

  2. I'm excited for her new movie as well! And wow, she looks so beautiful on the cover of Vogue.


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