Tuesday, September 11, 2012

IFBcon Recap: Day 2

The 6:30 wake up for the second day of IFBcon was even more painful than the first, after having such a long day the day before. However, after a day of conferencing, it was easy to get into a routine when arriving at 42Mercer on Wednesday. After having visited the majority of the sponsor booths the day before, so I headed straight into the panel room and ended up with a second row aisle seat for the entire day! Perfect for getting a glimpse of all of the day's great panelists.

The day started off with one of the panels I was most excited for out of the whole conference - the New Entrepreneur. This panel had some amazing speakers - Kendi of Kendy Everyday, Katie of Matchbook Magazine, and Taylor of Sterling Style/Glitter Guide, for starters. The panel focused on starting your own business and finding a balance in your life. It was awesome to hear from bloggers who I've followed for so long, like Kendi and Taylor, and to hear the voice behind Matchbook, one of my favorite online mags.

However much I loved the first panel, the next one was my most anticipated of the conference. Moderated by an editor from Glamour, this panel featured speakers from Purse Blog, The Glamourai, Eva Chen of Teen Vogue, Lucky Magazine founding editor Kim France among others. As a journalist as well as a blogger, it was so cool to hear these experts compare and contrast the two fields.

Next, the community manager from Pinterest, Enid Hwang, gave some great tips on using the trendy social media outlet to your blog's benefit. After a quick lunch came the day's keynote speaker: supermodel IMAN!

Iman has just launched her own blog/magazine hybrid, Destination Iman. While half of the time was spent discussing her new venture, she also talked about her history in the fashion industry, her rise to fame, and her experience as an entrepreneur with Iman Cosmetics. The day concluded with a great panel, Bringing Bravery Back to Blogging. The speakers included representatives from GQ, BuzzFeed,  DesignLoveFest and The Cut. My favorite part of this panel, however, was Slutever blogger Karley Sciortino, who was absolutely hilarious. This was probably my favorite panel of the conference. The panelists really had a great dynamic going and it was both informative and entertaining. They all talked about how to push the envelope and challenge yourself with blogging - it was a great final note to the conference.

I'm so incredibly lucky to have had the chance to attend this awesome conference. I met even more bloggers on Wednesday, including Note to Self, Dreams + Jeans (a fellow Syracuseian!), Kat Skull, Jenny in Jacquard, Lush to Blush and more! Meeting bloggers and attending panels from industry experts was such a cool experience - I highly recommend this conference to all bloggers out there! Tomorrow comes my IFBcon outfit post for Wardrobe Wednesday, and there's still lots of street style from Lincoln Center to share, so the NYC posts are just getting started!

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  1. Ah, since I couldnt be there, I just love reading everyones posts about this! Just found your blog....love it!


  2. I love this post because I made it to Lucky Fabb but really wanted to go to this one too and I think you did such a good honest job reviewing this. Iman is beautiful and the panels and all the bloggers you met sounds so inspirational. Following you now

    xo from San Francisco

  3. Love this post! Thank's for sharing!



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