Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall into Nail Polishes

Until this summer, I'd basically been living in the dark ages. Why? I never painted my nails. Why I never did this is still a mystery to me - a lack of a nail polish collection, utter laziness on my part, no knowledge about how great nail polish actually IS.. (probably a combination of the three). Anyways, this summer, I did realize, and stocked up on a bunch of bottles as a going away gift from my internship. Now, I have no excuse not to always have painted nails - something I've managed to keep going since late July (pretty proud of my once bare-nailed self).

row 1: essie 'smokin' hot' | butter london 'come to bed red' | spa ritual 'bismuth' | opi 'diva of geneva' | butter london 'sloane ranger'
row 2: deborah lippman 'call me irresponsible'essie 'chocolate cakes' | butter london 'queen vic' | essie 'very structured' | opi 'ski teal we drop'

As the season continues to change, I'm feeling a switch over to more dark and deep jewel tones colors from the bright and bold colors of the summer. Deep navys, purples, browns, reds and greens are a perfect subtle touch to any fall outfit. What are you favorite colors for fall? 

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  1. good idea! I am in desperate need of a manicure, I think I'll get a moody fall colour!

  2. I'm really excited about switching over to autumn nails. I'm wearing a dark purple right now! Love the rich jewel tones.


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