Tuesday, September 25, 2012

All About Oxblood

It's no secret - oxblood is the hot hue for fall. (Proud to say that the magazine I worked for this summer was up on the trend and featured the shade in our September issue). While others are iffy on the somewhat gory sounding name, I like how they're trying to mix it up a little - there can only be so much "dark red", "burgundy" or "maroon" before a change in name is necessary - and while this one's a bit graphic, there's just something about it... 

It's a perfect dark color appropriate for fall - I can't wait to invest in some oxblood of my own to pair with dark wash or black jeans or maybe even a neutral print? The options are endless! How would you wear Oxblood?


  1. I like this color. I think you make a valid point about the name thing. Time to switch it up, make an old color fresh and exciting!

  2. i love this color too, i did a post on oxblood as well :) i love it paired with ivory or nude!
    Fancy {No}Pants

  3. Hi girlie! Following your blog now:)! Thanks for visiting mine!

  4. Such a perfect fall color - LOVE those pants!!

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. Amazing color! I need to add more to my closet!


  6. This is such a beautiful set! I love those earrings and my littls sis just got these skinnys... i want them too!



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