Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday's Fancies: Outfit Crush

I'm thrilled to introduce the first of my Friday's Fancies posts, introduced to me by Sheri Ann of Sprinkes and Style! Friday's Fancies is a post series started by Long Distance Loving, that decides on a theme and then a collection of bloggers design posts around said theme. You can check them all out Long Distance Loving. Today's was Outfit Crush - and the minute I saw the theme I knew I had to design an outfit based on one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific. She posted the outfit below a few weeks ago and I was instantly obsessed with the unique combo of items - a chic sweatshirt, go-to chambray and a bold feather skirt with animal print heels (and of course, her signature cat-eye sunglasses) makes for a perfect comfortably chic look. Are you a fan of Blair's blog? What's your style crush?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall into Nail Polishes

Until this summer, I'd basically been living in the dark ages. Why? I never painted my nails. Why I never did this is still a mystery to me - a lack of a nail polish collection, utter laziness on my part, no knowledge about how great nail polish actually IS.. (probably a combination of the three). Anyways, this summer, I did realize, and stocked up on a bunch of bottles as a going away gift from my internship. Now, I have no excuse not to always have painted nails - something I've managed to keep going since late July (pretty proud of my once bare-nailed self).

row 1: essie 'smokin' hot' | butter london 'come to bed red' | spa ritual 'bismuth' | opi 'diva of geneva' | butter london 'sloane ranger'
row 2: deborah lippman 'call me irresponsible'essie 'chocolate cakes' | butter london 'queen vic' | essie 'very structured' | opi 'ski teal we drop'

As the season continues to change, I'm feeling a switch over to more dark and deep jewel tones colors from the bright and bold colors of the summer. Deep navys, purples, browns, reds and greens are a perfect subtle touch to any fall outfit. What are you favorite colors for fall? 

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

All About Oxblood

It's no secret - oxblood is the hot hue for fall. (Proud to say that the magazine I worked for this summer was up on the trend and featured the shade in our September issue). While others are iffy on the somewhat gory sounding name, I like how they're trying to mix it up a little - there can only be so much "dark red", "burgundy" or "maroon" before a change in name is necessary - and while this one's a bit graphic, there's just something about it... 

It's a perfect dark color appropriate for fall - I can't wait to invest in some oxblood of my own to pair with dark wash or black jeans or maybe even a neutral print? The options are endless! How would you wear Oxblood?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Keira on the Cover

I've always been a big Keira Knightley fan. We share a penchant for period films (never mind that her forte is acting in them while mine is simply viewing them), and I've loved almost everything she's starred in - Pride and Prejudice, Atonement, the Duchess, Pirates of the Caribbean - and of course I'm eagerly anticipating the Anna Karenina adaptation coming this November. 

In preparation for the film's release, Knightley has landed the cover of all covers - American Vogue (the October issue, a month shy of the real golden cover). Although Keira's already had a September Vogue cover, so you can't win every time. In this cover she's wearing a complete Chanel ensemble (a nod to her longstanding campaigns for the brand): a delicate cream-colored dress, bow and pearl earrings, and these odd silver cuffs - but hey, they bring a little something extra to the outfit - and it's a cool juxtaposition between the floral and the metal texture of the cuffs. From the cover line, it looks like they'll be discussing the expected: her role in Anna Karenina and her recent engagement. Can't wait to get this issue in the mail!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fresh Finds: A Snug Scarf

Despite yesterday's post featuring shorts, it really is getting on the cool side here in Syracuse! I can't wait to break out some of my favorite scarves for the season and layer up with sweaters and coats. This gray scarf from ASOS embodies everything I love about scarves - warm, comfy, and can be thrown over anything. I just want to wrap it around my neck and tuck it into my coat! Where's your favorite place to pick up scarves? Do you have a tried and true scarf perfect for the colder season. Pick up the scarf below here

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: Nautical Stripes

Happy Wardrobe Wednesday! It's already getting to be a little cooler (and a little rainer, based on yesterday's monsoon-like downpour), here in Syracuse, but based on the forecasts there still a few days of summer left for us! In honor of these last few dashes of summer, here's a Wardrobe Wednesday post filled with some of my summer favorites.

Anything Nautical in fashion has become one of my favorite trends lately. And one of my favorite nautical trends is stripes, especially on tops with a boatneck. I spotted this one at H&M this past spring and immediately wanted to scoop it up - I already had one from J.Crew, but loved the thick cotton of this one and the gold zipper detail on the back. I paired the top with a cream colored pair of shorts from J.Crew (who doesn't have at least 4 pairs of these in their closet?), white sneakers, and a gold and silver chain necklace with some navy and white detailing (I can't help it, I really love to match).

Although, as sad as I am to truly see this summer go (weatherwise, at least - tonight's pile of homework reminded me that summer really is over), I can't help but be excited for my fall wardrobe: vests, sweaters, boots, scarves, coats - some of my favorite items in my closet make their resurgence in the fall!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pinterest of the Week

I know, I know - I've been slacking on my Pinterest of the Week. But with moving back to school, IFBcon, and New York recap posts, it seemed to get lost in the shuffle. But don't worry - today it's back. I'm obsessed with this week's pinner: her boards are unique and diverse, but packed with tons of pins (over 45,000 - that's gotta be some kind of Pinterest of the Week record). Chelle M., as she's dubbed herself on the social media site, takes pinning to a new level. 

Whatever kind of pin boards you'd usually think of, she takes them to the next level. Most notable are her color pin boards - for clothes, the colors are widely varied and unique - hues like Peach, Mint Green, Silver and Fuschia. She has boards for hair colors, boards for color in everyday objects, and more. Scroll down a little further and then you get to the food boards - now that's food porn if I've ever seen it. Chicken, popcorn, soup, brownies - even a board for Red Velvet. Boards of beautiful interiors, beautiful people - this pinner has it all. Check out some of my favorite pins below, and follow her here.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Marissa Webb's NYFW Splash

There was so much to obsess over this past New York Fashion Week - more on all my favorite looks to come. But one of my absolute personal favorites? Marissa Webb, former head of womenswear and accessories design at J.Crew, debuted her own line this NYFW, and I have to say, I'm loving the results. The inspiration from her work at J.Crew is definitely there, with classic pieces and tailored cuts, but has a bit of a edgier taste. A few of her looks are below:

This is a leather skirt I can get on board with!

Photos via Marissa Webb

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Leather Skirt

faux leather pleated skirt | j.crew favorite tank | topshop blazertortiseshell necklace | michael kors booties

Leather has been popping up everywhere lately - in stores, on runways, on blogs - it's getting pretty hard to avoid. While I'm also lusting after a pair of leather leggings (most likely faux, to ease the burden on my wallet), a pleated leather skirt is also high up on my wish list. Paired with simple pieces like a solid tank and black booties, the skirt stands out in comparison. Even with the addition of pieces a statement necklace and a bold blazer, the material of the skirt clearly speaks for itself. Have you picked up a leather skirt? What brand or style do you recommend? 

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Live from Lincoln Center: NYFW Street Style

One of the best parts about Fashion Week? Besides just the clothes on the runways, there's the clothes OFF the runways - the street style! While some may argue that the world of street style is changing, as I noted a few weeks ago, no one can deny how omnipresent street style photographers are at NYFW. On my last day in NYC, I headed over to Lincoln Center to take some street style snaps of my own! Here are a few of my favorite shots below. Be sure to check out the whole album on the Collegiate Chic Facebook Page (and like it while you're there!)

Check out more on the Collegiate Chic Facebook page!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: #IFBcon Wear

Planning my outfit for IFBcon was the most stressful clothing experience I've ever had. I wanted to be trendy and cool, but still remain true to my personal style. After digging through my closet, I made a last minute trip to the mall and picked up this dress from Forever 21. It was the only one in a giant pile - it was practically calling to me. Immediately, the outfit ideas began forming in my head...

I almost felt like I was channeling a 60's vibe with the platforms and square pattern shift dress. I brought out my (way too long - definitely reaches the dress's hem) brown braided belt to incorporate a little brown into the ensemble to match my shoes. I tried to bring a little preppy feeling into the outfit with a borrowed Ralph Lauren blazer. My trusty Kate Spade pearls, a cameo necklace I found at the Brooklyn Flea this summer, and a thin Sequin bangle were all I donned accessory wise - with the pattern and the belt and the blazer I didn't want things to get too busy! All in all, my day was made when a street style photographer asked to take my photo - life goal, accomplished.

forever 21 dress (massive clearance - only $12! similar shape dress) | ralph lauren blazer | kate spade necklace | vintage cameo necklace | urban outfitters platform wedges (similar) | sequin bangle

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

IFBcon Recap: Day 2

The 6:30 wake up for the second day of IFBcon was even more painful than the first, after having such a long day the day before. However, after a day of conferencing, it was easy to get into a routine when arriving at 42Mercer on Wednesday. After having visited the majority of the sponsor booths the day before, so I headed straight into the panel room and ended up with a second row aisle seat for the entire day! Perfect for getting a glimpse of all of the day's great panelists.

The day started off with one of the panels I was most excited for out of the whole conference - the New Entrepreneur. This panel had some amazing speakers - Kendi of Kendy Everyday, Katie of Matchbook Magazine, and Taylor of Sterling Style/Glitter Guide, for starters. The panel focused on starting your own business and finding a balance in your life. It was awesome to hear from bloggers who I've followed for so long, like Kendi and Taylor, and to hear the voice behind Matchbook, one of my favorite online mags.

However much I loved the first panel, the next one was my most anticipated of the conference. Moderated by an editor from Glamour, this panel featured speakers from Purse Blog, The Glamourai, Eva Chen of Teen Vogue, Lucky Magazine founding editor Kim France among others. As a journalist as well as a blogger, it was so cool to hear these experts compare and contrast the two fields.

Next, the community manager from Pinterest, Enid Hwang, gave some great tips on using the trendy social media outlet to your blog's benefit. After a quick lunch came the day's keynote speaker: supermodel IMAN!

Iman has just launched her own blog/magazine hybrid, Destination Iman. While half of the time was spent discussing her new venture, she also talked about her history in the fashion industry, her rise to fame, and her experience as an entrepreneur with Iman Cosmetics. The day concluded with a great panel, Bringing Bravery Back to Blogging. The speakers included representatives from GQ, BuzzFeed,  DesignLoveFest and The Cut. My favorite part of this panel, however, was Slutever blogger Karley Sciortino, who was absolutely hilarious. This was probably my favorite panel of the conference. The panelists really had a great dynamic going and it was both informative and entertaining. They all talked about how to push the envelope and challenge yourself with blogging - it was a great final note to the conference.

I'm so incredibly lucky to have had the chance to attend this awesome conference. I met even more bloggers on Wednesday, including Note to Self, Dreams + Jeans (a fellow Syracuseian!), Kat Skull, Jenny in Jacquard, Lush to Blush and more! Meeting bloggers and attending panels from industry experts was such a cool experience - I highly recommend this conference to all bloggers out there! Tomorrow comes my IFBcon outfit post for Wardrobe Wednesday, and there's still lots of street style from Lincoln Center to share, so the NYC posts are just getting started!

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Monday, September 10, 2012

IFBcon Recap: Day 1

As many of you know, this week I took a break from school and headed back down to NYC to attend IFBcon. The conference featured six amazing panels jam packed with some of the industry's best known bloggers, entrepreneurs, and magazine editors, all who shed light on a variety of topics. Not to mention in the audience, there were tons of bloggers whose blogs I read and admire!

The venue for the conference, 42Mercer, was great. Tons of natural light, gorgeous wood floors, and lots of space. The sponsors for the event set up shop at different areas around the first room of the venue, and were offering different services like makeup by Bare Minerals, manicures by Julep and much needed phone charging at a station sponsored by Lockerz. And everyone at the conference looked AMAZING. I don't think I've ever seen such a group of well dressed people. Such outfit lust was going on..

Soon after arriving, the day officially kicked off with the first panel, The Future of Digital Fashion. It was jampacked full of great panelists - including representatives from and Saks Fifth Avenue. This panel focused on how blogging, social media and the world of digital fashion are intertwined and gave a lot of general tips on moving forward in the two fields. 

Next up was Jenny from ISPYDIY, who spoke about her experience in publishing her book. A little less applicable to me, since I don't (think) I have a book in my near future, but still an interesting Q&A. After that was the Business of Blogging, featuring some of my favorite bloggers - Erin from Apartment 34 and Alicia from Cheetah is the New Black. The day's last panel was How to Make Friends and Win Readers, and had another great collection of bloggers sharing their secrets, including Wit & Delight and Gary Pepper Vintage

The end of the day was the keynote speaker, Derek Blasberg, Editor at Large of Harper's Bazaar (and he's only 30! His first job out of college was American Vogue. Am I the only one who feels like an underachiever?), who was interviewed by supermodel (and blogger herself!) Coco Rocha. While this keynote was less about advice to the bloggers themselves, it was so cool to hear someone who holds such a strong position in the magazine industry speak. 

Following the conference, I ducked over to the after party at the nearby 60 Thompson to conclude a great first day with bloggers from Sprinkles and Style, the Pumpkin Spot, Sharing My Sole, Centre Street Style and Perth Style. The definite highlight of the day for me was to meet and see so many bloggers, some whose blogs were new and I had never heard of, and others were established names whose blogs I follow religiously, like Gal Meets Glam, Pink Peonies, Elle Bow Room and L.A. in the Bay. It was hard not to get a little starstruck, embarassingly enough - and weirded out that I feel like I know these people so well even though I've never met them before. IFBcon Day 2 recap to come, with lots more panels and great bloggers!

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Back from NYC!

Arrived back in Syracuse late yesterday afternoon after a couple of whirlwind days at IFBcon, Fashion's Night Out, and of course, exploring New York City. After going to bed at 8 p.m. and sleeping for 14 hours, I think it's safe to say I'm on my way to recuperation (at least sleepwise) from these crazy couple of days. IFBcon was an incredible experience - I got to meet so many bloggers, some of which I've been reading their blogs for a long time and was a bit starstruck to see in person! The panels were amazing - filled with bloggers, business owners, and my personal favorite - magazine editors from Glamour, GQ, Harper's Bazaar, Teen Vogue and more. A full recap of panels is later to come this week - enjoy these style shots of some of the conference's attendees 

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Away I Go!

I'm heading back to NYC this afternoon for the week! Posting will be sparse over the next few days due to IFB CON and then Fashion's Night Out! I will update when I can, but will be updating constantly via Instagram and Twitter, so follow me there!

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Trend Watch: Smoking Slippers

I'm such a huge fan of the smoking slippers trend that's been getting more and more popular. They're a comfortable twist on your typical ballet flat, and although they're reminiscent of loafers, footwear I scorned when I was younger, they're almost like a trendy, revamped version of them. I have a leopard print pair and a turquoise studded pair, but I definitely am loving the lace pair and the blue tasseled pair below. Have you invested in any smoking slippers? Which is your favorite?

 jimmy choo union jack slipper | nine west pantso loafers | steve madden studdly | steve madden jilted blue slippers | light blue lilo loafer | valentino lace loafer

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