Monday, August 27, 2012

Has street style hit its peak?

Although street style is not a new phenomenon - famed and revered photographer Bill Cunningham has been photographing style for the New York Times since the late 1970's - and as I posted earlier, there was even some street style shots going on in the Edwardian Era! However, the rise of popularity of fashion blogs and of course, the internet as a whole, has caused it to skyrocket, and has launched many a blog dedicated completely to street style, such as The SartorialistAll The Pretty Birds, or Jak & Jil, that has reached international levels of popularity. An August 23rd article in the Metro raised the question of longevity in the world of street style - from reflecting to trends to setting them, street style has evolved throughout its years in the public eye - the question now is, where does it go from here?

This shot by Scott Schuman, the blogger behind The Sartorialist, was taken just a block away from my home in NYC this summer! 

Personally, I'm a huge fan of street style. I think it makes fashion accessible and more personal, rather than just figures on the runways, readers are seeing garments and outfits worn by real people - those with limited budgets, no stylists, and without a doubt, plenty of fashion faux pas's in their history. Seeing street style shots of fashion week is almost better than seeing what's actually being shown - I love the real element. I think street style has only just hit its big moment and there's much, much more to come! As long as bloggers are blogging, people will be asking the awkward question... "I'm a blogger, can I take your picture?"

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  1. Love your style!

  2. I'm a big fan of street style too. runway fashion is almost always too much for me. Street style is a lot more realistic

  3. Such an interesting take--I'm a huge fan of street style. I think there are so many well-curated blogs out there that really offer up a lot of inspiration in terms of fashion.

    The Glossy Life

  4. I'm always the girl (idiot) in traffic, rubbernecking to check out someone's outfit as I drive by, so I think I can safely say I'm always going to be a street style fan. That being said, I do think it reaches a point (say, at fashion week) where it's no longer "natural." More of a show. I want to see more street style from small towns and far away places.

  5. I agree, I love street style! I think it's neat that people dress up more now, but I don't like when you can tell someone isn't comfortable and just wearing what they think is trendy.


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