Saturday, August 4, 2012

Banded and Wrapped

Although the days of Gossip Girl are soon to be behind us (the final season premieres next month), as are my awkward years of trying to grow out my bands, I still hold a penchant for headbands. Whether it was to emulate Blair Waldorf with her colorful accessories or a tool to push back my unruly too long to be bangs, not long enough to be part of the rest of my hair, headbands became a part of my daily wardrobe for several years, and as such I've built up quite a collection. From solid, staple headbands, to embellished, beaded headwraps, there's so many ways to hold your hair in place.

beaded stretch headband | gingham headband setmetal feather headbandblack stone and crystal headband | contrast bow headbandglitter bow headbandleaf headband

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