Friday, August 31, 2012

Last Dash of Summer

I did an outfit collage as such for Memorial Day to welcome in summer, so it's only fitting that I do one for the upcoming holiday that signals summer's end: Labor Day. This labor will spent in a flurry of meetings, parties and a 5 hour long bus ride back to NYC for IFB CON. All these activities means versatility, so a fun dress for warm weather paired with a chambray for an air conditioned bus ride seems to fit the bill. Along with white sneakers and sunglasses to run from place to place. No matter if your Labor Day will be filled relaxing by the pool or an end of the summer BBQ, be sure to get your last use out of your favorite sundress before summer fades away!

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Countdown to IFB CON

As I was walking from class to class in my seemingly endless day of classes (not endless, but it was seven hours! Things I haven't missed about college), it hit me that IFB CON is in less than a week - I don't think I've ever been so at a loss for what to wear, considering I'll be in a room with some of the internet's best dressed women (!!!). In need of some serious style inspiration.. For those of you who don't know, IFB CON is the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference, which is being held in NYC next week. I'm so excited to go to meet other bloggers and hear some incredible speakers - both in the journalism and blogging industries, not to mention be in NYC again! I've been scouring all my favorite blogs even more than usual looking for some outfit ideas. Here are a few of my ideas...

Solid on bottom, bold on top

Printed dress with wedges

A classic go-to: printed skirt and a white button down

Printed shorts and a white blazer

A bright sweater over a lace dress

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: God Save the Queen

If you know me, then you know my love for the wonderful nation of Great Britain (and especially the Royal Family) has no bounds. While my lack of a TV while in NYC kept me from watching a ton of the Olympics, I still caught up on and of course, with all the photos of Will and Kate (the one of the hug made me indescribably happy).

team gb shirt (another team gb shirt) | gap chambray | j.crew sequin skirt (similar) | calvin klein flats (similar) | sequin bangle (won on a bows & sequins giveaway!)

 A family friend who knows my love of all things English was kind enough to pick up a Team GB shirt for me while they were over in London for the games! Call me anti-American, as I have no Team USA gear (although I was loving those Ralph Lauren Team USA polos), but there's a slight chance that Kate may own this shirt - and sharing a garment with her is of course too good an opportunity to pass up!

While athletic gear is usually not my first choice of garment, I love the unique look of this tee (it's designed by Stella McCartney for Team GB!), with the gold lion logo. Paired with a black sequin skirt and my trusty chambray, I tried to turn the shirt into something more than just game spectator wear!

The official Team GB logo and Olympic Rings

Of course, a Union Jack to seal the deal!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

School Days

Ah, the first day of school. Mine was today - and although I've come a long way from waking up at 7:00 a.m. for high school (no class until 2:15 on Monday's!), there's still something bittersweet about saying goodbye to summer and starting class back up again. Although, there's nothing to be sad about when it comes to back to school shopping - new coats, scarves, jeans, sweaters, and of course, something to carry everything in! Check out a few of my favorite picks for school bags below.

knomo havana totemarc by marc jacobs take me tote | marc by marc jacobs i work for tips shoulder bag | rebecca minkoff diamond tote | sea bags for j.crew medium totemadewell trasport rucksack

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Has street style hit its peak?

Although street style is not a new phenomenon - famed and revered photographer Bill Cunningham has been photographing style for the New York Times since the late 1970's - and as I posted earlier, there was even some street style shots going on in the Edwardian Era! However, the rise of popularity of fashion blogs and of course, the internet as a whole, has caused it to skyrocket, and has launched many a blog dedicated completely to street style, such as The SartorialistAll The Pretty Birds, or Jak & Jil, that has reached international levels of popularity. An August 23rd article in the Metro raised the question of longevity in the world of street style - from reflecting to trends to setting them, street style has evolved throughout its years in the public eye - the question now is, where does it go from here?

This shot by Scott Schuman, the blogger behind The Sartorialist, was taken just a block away from my home in NYC this summer! 

Personally, I'm a huge fan of street style. I think it makes fashion accessible and more personal, rather than just figures on the runways, readers are seeing garments and outfits worn by real people - those with limited budgets, no stylists, and without a doubt, plenty of fashion faux pas's in their history. Seeing street style shots of fashion week is almost better than seeing what's actually being shown - I love the real element. I think street style has only just hit its big moment and there's much, much more to come! As long as bloggers are blogging, people will be asking the awkward question... "I'm a blogger, can I take your picture?"

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Get the Look: Rachel Bilson

I admit it - I was (am) a diehard OC fan. Besides just the never ending drama and stunning views of the Pacific, Marissa (Mischa Barton) and Summer's (Rachel Bilson) fashions were more than enough reason to tune into the teen soap. While Mischa has sort of fallen off the face of the earth (the last I heard her CW show about models was cancelled two episodes in) and while Rachel has had more success acting-wise since leaving Newport Beach, starring in the CW show Hart of Dixie, she's also become known throughout Hollywood for her effortless and chic sense of style. I love her shorts/sweater/booties look - it personifies the casual but cool fashion she's known for. Here are few ways to get her look!

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

New FNO 2012 Promo!

Attending Fashion's Night Out two years ago was such a cool experience - from the celebrity sightings to the late hours and constant parties and events going on at stores across Manhattan, it's a must on the bucket list of any fashion lover. The event was started three years ago by Vogue EIC Anna Wintour to encourage spending and the growth of the fashion industry. This year, I'm going back as FNO falls the day after IFBCON, and I could not be more excited. If you're in the NYC area, or near another big city (they even have FNO events in Syracuse!), be sure to head out shopping that night and keep your eyes peeled for stars - they're everywhere! Fashion's Night Out just unvealed their new promo for the 2012 event, and if this is any preview, the night itself is sure to be packed with stars. Karlie Kloss, Darren Criss, Michael Kors, Usher, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and more are featured in the PSA below:

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday: Green and White

I enjoyed doing an outfit post a few weeks back, so I'm going to continue, but since I already cover other topics on the blog and different style posts, my outfit posts will be a weekly occurrence - on (Wardrobe) Wednesdays! Today's comes from the last few days of my internship in New York. I found this top at a store called Stone Flower in South Street Seaport

kate spade necklace | stone flower top (similar styles: eyelet peplum, floral peplum) | french connection skirt (similar styles: white FC skirt, white eyelet skirt) | target pumps

I saw the store from across the way and immediately knew I had to go in - with pink walls, pearl covered hangers and bright prints and florals galore, I was quickly in retail heaven. The store caters to petite women, and everything is one size fits all. If you're taller than 5'0 finding items that are a good fit can be a struggle (there was definitely some garments that would fit a child on the racks), but once you do, it's totally worth it! Even better, there's a seperate store for accessories on the second level of the Seaport Mall! I fell in love with this green and white printed Peplum top. I paired the bold top with my wonderful roommate's white eyelet skirt, a pair of brown pumps, and a pearl necklace (recognize it from my first post?) - nothing to big to distract from the big and bright print - I'm obsessed!

Oh Washington Square Park, I miss you more and more everyday.
Stone Flower has yet to open an online store, or to my knowledge, any other locations, but if you're ever in the Financial District or near the Seaport definitely check it out. 

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fresh Finds: Tan Trench

It's officially upon us: the last week of summer. It's been some of the most unforgettable months of my life - from living in New York City to working at national magazine, I've had some incredible experiences - and seen some incredible style. However, it's finally time to pack up your bags and return to school. And with the return of school comes the return of crummy weather. Especially living in Upstate NY, a jacket is necessary within the first few weeks of class. Fleeces, while comfortable, don't do much for your ensemble. Try instead, a trusty trench or military style jacket for warmth with a fashionable edge. I'm lusting after this tan trench from ASOS (comes in black as well). Perfect to throw over jeans and boots and run to class or to grab a bite to eat following. What's your favorite fall outerwear?

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Sticking to the Neutral

I love fun prints, bold colors, and interesting shapes in clothes. Adding a dash of bright red or a flirty floral skirt to any ensemble kicks up the excitement, eye-catching factor. But there's something so tried and true about a neutral ensemble - filled with tans, whites, blacks and greys, and the trusty items your wardrobe couldn't survive without - a white button down, khaki capris, black oxford booties, and subtle gold jewelry. How do you style your neutrals?

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Michael Phelps and Louis Vuitton

Ryan Lochte may not have had much success in covering Vogue in July, but that doesn't stop his other fellow US Olympic swimmers from making a foray into the world of fashion. World record medalist and multiple-Olympics swimmer Michael Phelps has made his own debut with his new Louis Vuitton ads. In one, Phelps is lounging in a bathtub, donning his traditional speedo and googles, with a Louis Vuitton bag tub-side, in another, he's sporting a three piece suit and has his LV bag at his feet, sitting on a couch next to Larisa Latynina, former world record holder for most decorated Olympian. Shot by the legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz, this campaign seems a good first step as any into the world of retirement? Are you enamored with Phelps's new campaign? Do you think Ryan Lochte, a self proclaimed aspiring fashion designer, in envious of Phelps venture into the world of high fashion?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Pinterest of the Week

When I'm looking for new pinners to follow on Pinterest, what do I look for? As in most things, a definite balance between quantity and quality of pins is essential. A great pinner with limited pins means lack of updates and lack of new material for your own pin boards, and a mediocre pinner with a plethora of pins means a feed clogged with uninspiring images. When you find a pinner that has both great pins and a wide collection of them, you follow and stalk their feed like there's no tomorrow. StylewithClass, a Pinterest user with over 60 boards and 5000 pins, definitely falls into that category. 

This has got to be one of my favorite Pinterest accounts I've ever followed. All of her boards, I'm obsessed with. Although a primarily fashion focused pinner, there are boards dedicated to other things, such as beautiful houses and bookcases, or Travel, and even Paris. Board for more general categories, such as street style, runway fashion, and elegance. However, my absolute favorites are the boards dedicated to Sex and the City and Jackie Kennedy's Style. Follow this pinner ASAP here and check out more of my favorite pins below!

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fresh Finds: Sidewalk Steps

Madewell is slowly and surely becoming one of my favorite stores. It's like J.Crew's slightly more down to earth cousin, losing some of the preppy vibe that defines the latter brand and staying classically cool. Madewell seems to specialize in clothes for the everyday tasks in life that go far beyond your basic jeans and tee shirts. From simple or patterned day dresses to the fabulous selection of jeans at their denim bar, the opportunities to find your go-to looks are endless. One of my favorite on-the-go items? Their "Sidewalk Skimmer" flats. The pointed toe shoe is perfect for throwing on with pants, skirts or dresses, and can easily transition from running to class to running to dinner. Best part? The variety of materials and colors the flats come in. From snake skin and leopard print to a classic brown or black leather, or bold colors in patent leather or suede, there's truly a skimmer for all of us. Check them out here

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Olympians, Kardashians fail to give golden sales

Ryan Lochte might have made for Olympic Gold (#Jeah), but in terms of fashion magazines, he doesn't even hit bronze. According to the Cut, Ryan Lochte's July VOGUE cover, in which he is featured shirtless running Baywatch-style  alongside fellow Team USA members Hope Solo and Serena Williams, is the worst seller of the year. 

Besides just the Olympians, several stars' magazine covers have landed at the bottom of the heap for the year so far. The Kardashian sisters have got it the worst - their January turn gracing Glamour's cover is currently at last place, as is Kim's solo March Allure cover. 

At the other end of the spectrum is Adele, Kate Moss, and Jennifer Aniston, among others, whose covers for VOGUE, W/Harper's Bazaar and InStyle topped magazine sales this year, respectively. Did you buy either the Olympian or Kardashian covers? What celebrity cover model is a guaranteed purchase for you? Kate Middleton, Meryl Streep or Keira Knightley usually win my magazine dollars.

Photos via Yahoo! Sports, Glamour

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Life According to Instagram - the last of NYC

Sadly, my New York Summer has come to an end. It's definitely been an experience I'll never forget, from the big things, like my internship and my amazing roommates, to the little ones, like my daily subway rides and great dinners in the Village. I've been home for 48 hours and I'm missing the city a ton! Here's an Instagrammed recap of my last few days (which mainly became a food diary).

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lady Gaga and 120 years of VOGUE

Vogue's September issue is one of the most anticipated magazine issues of the year, its popularity even more heightened following the 2009 release of the documentary The September Issue, chronicling the creation of the issue. After several anxious tweets on Lady Gaga's part, her September Vogue cover was finally debuted a few nights ago. It's the biggest September issue the magazine has ever put out, with 900+ pages. What's  interesting about this cover is that it's a little different from September issue covers in the past - a full body shot of Gaga in a stunning fuschia dress with a full, blonde afro-like hairdo, rather than the traditional Vogue headshot. Clearly, from the coverlines, that is what this issue is about -- big fashion, big hair, and lots of what makes Vogue, Vogue. This issue commemorates more than the glossy's largest issue ever, but also its 120th anniversary. (Is this what the red ribbon represents? I'm slightly confused by it's placement.) Gaga was last seen on Vogue's cover a little over a year ago, in March 2011. I loved the color scheme of the March cover, but this one is definitely different, which is always fun to see. Which cover do you like better - the the September 2012 full body, or the pastel themed March 2011.

Photo via The Cut

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Style (not so) Rookie in a New Arena

Tavi Gevinson has done what every fashion loving writer has aspired to do before getting her driver's license - become the crowning success of the blogging world, attend countless fashion shows at the world's various fashion weeks, and then launch her own online magazine, Rookie. You've done all this by the time you're sixteen and you're faced with a dilemma: what else is there for you to conquer? If anyone can overcome this "problem" (is this kind of success ever really a problem?), it's Tavi. And she's found her way - by breaking into the world of acting.

Tavi will star in Nicole Holofcener's, the director behind several episodes of Sex and the City, Parks and Recreation, and Gilmore Girls, new project. She will play Chloe, an only child who struggles to capture her parents' attention - a problem that I'm sure Tavi's immense success has left her without in her own life. The film is set for release sometime next year. What are your thoughts on Tavi's transition to the world of acting - she's got enough personality to capture an audience from behind the (computer) screen, so shouldn't she be able to do the same on it?

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kate On The Cover

If you've been reading this blog for any amount of time, following me on Twitter, are one of my closest friends, or have met me for five minutes, then you probably know that I'm obsessed with the British Royal Family, and more specifically Kate Middleton. Now, I have a pretty great past two weeks due to the numerous Kate spottings at various Olympic events, including the most adorable public display of affection I've ever witnessed. And now, all this Kate (I mean, Olympic...) fever, is cumulating with the release of the Vanity Fair style issue with none other than the former Miss Middleton as the covergirl.

Now, don't get too excited - she didn't sit for a cover shoot (I doubt Anna Wintour would let that happen at any American magazine but her own), it's a shot from the BAFTA event in LA during the Canada/USA tour last year. And subscribers who are desperate to have the Kate cover must fork over the extra $5 because this is simply a newsstand cover: Jessica Chastain appears on the subscriber's version. While I do love Jessica Chastain, especially after she came up and took a picture with me at the CFDA awards, I need my Kate fix, especially with a cover story written by the fabulous Royal know-it-all Katie Nicholl, who also wrote the cover story from last summer that featured both Will and Kate on the cover. Buy your copy today, royal lovers! Can't wait to check it out.

Images via JustJared, Huffington Post

Sunday, August 5, 2012

First Outfit Post!

After nearly a year of fashion blogging, I'm finally taking that first step into the world of outfit posts! Today's post is courtesy of SugarLips, an online store. I love their clothes - it's the perfect fusion of trendy and girly, while still being affordable (a must in my book). As part of their fashion blogger partnership program, I selected an item to feature on the blog. I chose the Dainty Studs Shorts -  although I've been doning more skirts and dresses these past few months, shorts remain a staple in my summer wardrobe. I love the formal, fun look that the sheer white fabric and the small gold studs give to the garment - such a change from your favorite pair of denim shorts. To contrast the bright white of the bottom, I paired a black button-down on top (although, I admit, I changed right when I got back inside - it's a sweltering 89 degrees in NYC right now!), with a strand of pearls secured with a gold clasp and my go-to leopard print loafers. 

top: H&M | shorts: c/o sugarlips | necklace: kate spade | shoes: francesca's (similar)

Disclaimer: Although SugarLips provided the shorts free of charge, all opinions are my own.

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