Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ralph Lauren Takes an Olympic Tumble

The Olympics can oftentimes bring up controversy. Let's face it - they're a worldwide sporting event, controversy is practically unavoidable. Fast paced races, down to the buzzer games, scores varying by less than a few decimal points - slip ups are unavoidable. Less commonly, however, do the issues brought on by the games revolve around fashion. Yet, here we are, less than two weeks until the kick off of the 2012 Olympics in London, and the United States' first fashion related of the year has arisen.

Iconic American designer, Ralph Lauren, was chosen to design the official outfits for Team USA at this year's games. A seemingly perfect choice, right? Not so much -- not only did Ralph come up with some pretty lackluster designs - the men's outfits are alright, but those berets are a little much, and the woman's skirt is incredibly unflattering. All in all, the designs are simply boring and stiff. Maybe they didn't want to do anything too daring, but these are really just unimaginative. And to top it all off, the clothing isn't being manufactured in the U.S., but rather in China. Isn't the entire point of the Olympics to support one's own country? This seems to directly go contradict that ideal. All in all, it's causing quite a stir before the games even have begun. What do you think of the Team USA uniforms?

Photo via PurseBlog

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