Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July in Monaco

I love Club Monaco. The minute I walk into the store I feel like I'm stepping into this tranquil, fashion paradise filled with natural hued casual mix of resort wear and workwear. It's the sort of store that embodies the more laidback, stick-to-basics side of my wardrobe (rather than the bright and preppy side - I usually try create somewhat of a fusion between the two). I saw the store's July Collection today on The City Sage that was recently released, and no shock here, I'm in love. The clothes are gorgeous and the I'm obsessed with the subtle glam and color scheme of the accessoriesEven happier that I'm living in a city with plenty of Club Monaco locations at my disposal (ironic, because now they finally have an online store). Check out a few of my favorite pieces below, or the whole collection here.

Photos via Club Monaco

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