Tuesday, June 5, 2012

CFDA Awards!

I have officially relocated: I moved into my dorm yesterday, and today I started my first day at my internship! After work, I headed to Lincoln Center to watch the red carpet arrivals at the CFDA (Council of American Fashion Designers) Awards. It was absolutely the most perfect way to start off my summer. I'm a sucker for fashion and celebrity spottings, especially in a red carpet format, so this was the perfect fusion of the two. I originally went to see Dan Stevens, who plays Matthew Crawley on Downton Abbey, but he either didn't make an appearance or his arrival was blocked by a bus (if there was really only a bus separating me from seeing Matthew Crawley, I think I'll cry). From getting a glimpse of the legend herself Anna Wintour to taking a picture with Oscar nominee Jessica Chastain (officially one of my new favorite female celebrities, she left the red carpet, came out to the sidewalk to greet all the fans, so incredibly sweet), it's definitely not a night I'll be forgetting anytime soon! I took a lot of photos, but most of them aren't superb (blame my excitement and shaky hands, after I saw Anna my heart didn't stop racing for 30 minutes), but here's a few favorites below.

Me and Jessica Chastain

Anna Wintour (in the red dress)

J. Crew's Jenna Lyons

Solange Knowles

Tory Burch

Lauren Hutton

Ashley Olsen

The Olsen Twins and Lauren Hutton

Dakota Fanning

Rachel Zoe

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