Sunday, June 24, 2012

Anna Karenina Trailer

If you haven't guessed by now, then I'll tell you: I'm a huge fan of period pieces. Whenever movies, or even TV shows (Downton Abbey, anyone?) take place in another time, it's an instant attraction for me to watch. As such, one of my favorite screen stars is Keira Knightley, period piece actress extraordinaire. Think of all her famous movies - Pride and Prejudice (one of my personal favorites), Atonement, Pirates of the Caribbean, last fall's A Dangerous Method - they're all period films. She's got another one on the way, set for release early this winter: Anna Karenina, obviously a film adaptation of the classic Russian novel by Leo Tolstoy. While I must admit that I've never read Anna Karenina (the fact that Tolstoy also penned War and Peace is a little off-putting), it's on my reading list for the summer - and especially before the movie comes out (free classics on Kindle!). As an added bonus, Michelle Dockery, who plays Lady Mary in Downton Abbey is also in the  movie - two of my female acting favorites for the price of one! The trailer was just released a few days ago, enjoy!


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