Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pinterest of the Week

The classic pin boards on pinterest, (the ones that all self respecting pinners possess), are great. Believe me, I have almost 1000 pins on my "fashion & style" pin board, so I am clearly no stranger to boards circulating around typical topics such as style, food, travel, and home design. However, when a pinner goes beyond that - gets specific with their boards, that's something extra. Even better is when pinners have both - and that is exactly what this week's pinner of the week, Bloomspot, does. Bloomspot is a site like Gilt Groupe or Groupon, that offers deals on things or experiences you can purchase through your selected city. Their pinterest reflects this regional focus, with pin boards dedicated to many of the nation's most luxurious cities, as well as classic boards on delectable meals, gorgeous style, and international destinations. Take a look at my favorites below.

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