Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lagerfeld, Weinstein, and YOU

If you're a fan of movies and fashion, then the names 'Harvey Weinstein' and 'Karl Lagerfeld' are not unfamiliar to you. In fact, they're probably like the names of mythical beings - you've heard of them and know so much about them, without ever having met them before. Recently, the two superpowers in their respective fields have teamed up to create a short film (Weinstein as producer, Lagerfeld as director). However, still to be determined is the star of said film - who will be chosen at the Cinema Against AIDS gala, this Thursday, through an auction. The highest bidder wins the chance to star in the film. Whether you're an actor or not, working alongside these two iconic moguls is an opportunity worth paying for. (And a lot will be paid for it, if my guesses are correct). However, those attending the gala include many of the established Hollywood elite, so perhaps the star-to-be won't be unfamiliar to us, after all.

Photos via Gawker, AskMen

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