Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Best and Worst Cities in America

Travel + Leisure conducts an annual survey which ranks the nation's various cities into groups, ranging from categories such as the best winters (my hometown of Chicago obviously ranks near the bottom on that score), to the best pizza (in this one, Chicago comes out on top), to even the best cities for hipsters (Seattle) or cities with the most attractive residents (San Juan, Puerto Rico). The lists are displayed in two fashions: one is the results according to the visitors, and the other is the results according to residents.

One of my favorite lists to see the rankings for is the country's most stylish cities. As can be expected, New York City (my future home in FIVE DAYS) came out on top in both lists. Other top ranked cities include San Juan, Puerto Rico, Los Angeles, Miami, Charleston, and San Francisco. At the bottom includes Anchorage and Salt Lake City. Am I the only one seeing the well, of course it's easier to dress well when the weather is warm 365 days a year. However, NYC faces some chilly winters as well, but still manages to keep themselves fashion-forward. If you're living in Alaska, your primary concern is most likely comfort and warmth above all else.

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