Monday, April 16, 2012

Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly

I love film adaptations of anything historical - what could be better than taking the events we read about in textbooks and putting your favorite Hollywood stars into the scenarios? And film adaptations of the lives of Royals are even better (the Lifetime and Hallmark adaptations of the Will & Kate story are outliers in this situation). The latest to take on the challenge is Nicole Kidman, who has recently been confirmed to play Grace Kelly. The film is led by director Oliver Dahan (of La Vie En Rose), and is currently titled Grace of Monaco. The film features Kelly in 1962, following a six-month period during her reign.

Nicole Kidman certainly has the acting chops for the role, and she has the beautiful blonde look down pat, despite a few differences in appearance. However, I can't help but think of Mad Men's January Jones whenever someone makes a connection between a modern actress and Princess Grace - not after all the comparisons made between the two in the first season of the show.

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