Monday, April 2, 2012


Though my love for Mad Men may not be as deep as my love for Downton Abbey (could anything?), I've still been a big fan of the show for a few years now. Like most Mad Men fans, I have mixed feelings towards Don Draper's ex-wife, Betty. We can all admit she's a bit of a psychopath, but she's got a few reasons to justify her craziness (her forever philandering husband, for starters). However, I got one of the biggest shocks of my Mad Men watching life when FAT BETTY graced the screen last night. Poor Betty, her looks have always been the consistent thing she had going for her. When she first came on-screen, I thought she was pregnant! Also, can I just say how ridiculous January Jones looks in a fat suit? Some people are just meant to be thin and beautiful.

UPDATE: Fat Betty can also be found on Twitter

Image via the Cut

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  1. Some people are just meant to be thin and beautiful? Dear God, I hope you never have children...


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