Sunday, March 11, 2012

Baby Fanning Goes to Sleep

As I wrote a few months ago, fairy tale adaptations are all the rage right now both on the big screen and the small. More casting news for the latest fairy tale live action remake has recently been released, with rumors of Elle Fanning being cast in the title role. If cast, Fanning will be playing Sleeping Beauty to Angelina Jolie's Maleficent, which is incidentally the title of the new film, a remake of the Disney classic, Sleeping Beauty (and I'm not talking about that indie movie about sex slaves who are put to sleep) As my favorite film blogger, Nathaniel at the Film Experience noted, no one really knows much about Elle Fanning besides the fact that she dresses better than most 30 year olds at the tender age of 13, and of course, she's child star extraordinaire, Dakota Fanning's younger sister.

Before the sisters discovered the world of Haute Couture

Sleeping Beauty is my favorite Disney animated classic. And I would hardly want the role of Aurora/Briar Rose/Sleeping Beauty to be taken on by someone who couldn't properly translate the role from animated classic to modern live-action. (Not that I'm saying that the role is difficult, all she really does is sing and sleep). However, the younger Fanning has been making more of a splash on the big screen, with roles in movies such as Super 8 and We Bought a Zoo. She also has that sweet, innocent look needed to bring the beloved animated character to life. And could there be anyone more perfect to play Maleficent than Angelina? That just might be some of the best casting in Hollywood. And after all, there's still Mirror, Mirror this spring...

Images via Zimbio, Now I Know

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