Monday, February 27, 2012

OSCAR 2012

Excuse my blogging absence - blame a jam-packed week followed by a whirlwind trip home. My quick jaunt back to Chicago ended with the night of all nights - the Oscars. As an award show devotee, the Academy Awards are like my Christmas. I love all of it - the gorgeous (and not so) gowns, the opening songs, speeches and videos by the host, the  and of course, the presenting and accepting of awards. Here's a rundown of my favorite highlights from last night's show. (Red carpet fashion post to shortly follow)

What I Loved

1. Meryl's Win: If you know anything about my movie-going persona, you'll know I am a die-hard Meryl Streep fan. It's upset me for years that her less-talented and less-deserving counter-parts were walking away with Oscar Gold while she left empty handed (she's had 17 nominations!). Although she had two wins in the early 1980's, Meryl's career has grown and flourished tremendously since 1983, the year of her last Oscar win. Don't get me wrong - I adored the Help, but this was Meryl's year. I couldn't have been more happy that she finally got her third Oscar, and I'm still hoping for the fourth (and fifth? sixth?)

2. Billy Crystal as Host: After a few years of the Academy trying to experiment with new hosts, there's been some successes (Hugh Jackman) and some failures (James Franco and Anne Hathaway). I loved the return to the classic Oscars vibe with the reappearance of Billy Crystal as host. His opening video was hilarious, and although it wasn't the most memorable of all hostings, he's a sentimental favorite.

3. The Spreading of the Love: Despite the fact that the Artist and Hugo both took home five awards each, there was a wide variety of films nominated that actually received statues. There is nothing more boring than when one film wins every award (think Lord of the Rings: Return of the King or Titanic). However, Hugo did dominate the early half and the Artist the later. Ah well, it the Oscars - somethings never change.

4. The Mominees: If you tuned into the ABC red carpet pre-show, you might have caught the "Mominees" segment they played, which featured interviews from some of the nominee's moms - including Nina Clooney, mother of nominee George. The interviews were so sweet and such a unique point of view that is often forgot about in the hype of Oscar season. It was absolutely precious. 

5. The Supporting Categories: Both Octavia Spencer and Christopher Plummer shined during their acceptance speeches last night. You could tell how incredibly touched and happy they were. Especially with Plummer, who has been a staple in cinema and the acting world in general for decades, it was amazing to see such great talent rewarded. 

6. Woof Woof: The dog from the Artist made an appearance on stage to help accept the film's Best Picture Oscar. Need I say more?

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