Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Harper's New Look

Harper's Bazaar has been revamped. Leading the change is cover girl Gwyneth Paltrow, who is depicted in two different photos on the magazine's two cover (one for newsstand, one for subscribers). On the newsstand cover is Gwyneth smiling in a black jumpsuit with a deep V-neck. The coverlines and photo make it a traditional magazine cover - nothing besides the small text that reads "THE NEW LOOK" gives away the magazine's makeover. However, the subscriber's cover pushes the envelope. There is a full body shot of Gwyneth - facing away from the camera. Obviously, this is a very uncommon, if not unheard of, occurrence. The only cover line is "The New Look: Gwyneth Revealed".

While some are questioning Harper's choice to shield Gwyneth's face, I think it's a bold move. Her gorgeous hair and five-mile-long legs look stunning on the cover, and the lack of cover lines makes you want to read and see this elusive "new look" they're talking about. A bold move on the part of the editorial team, and one that I think was smart to stick to only the subscribers. People who love the magazine enough to subscribe will love it enough to want to read it despite the unusual cover.

According to the Cut, the magazine's changes include new section names, different typefaces, bigger overall size and thicker paper. Can't wait to see how people react to the new Harper's - including myself!

Photos via The Cut

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