Monday, February 13, 2012

Elle France Goes Big

Despite society's outcry for the lack of full-figured women featured in magazines, the media still strays away from flaunting plus-size models in magazine spreads and particularly on covers. For their February issue, Elle France featured successful plus-size model Tara Lynn on their cover. Clearly, the French can be more forward-thinking than their American counterparts. Lynn has also been featuredI took a class on diversity in the fashion media last semester, and we spent a bit of time talking about size diversity in fashion magazines. One of the other "daring" covers we discussed was Italian Vogue's June 2011 cover, where they put three plus size models on their cover in lingerie. The spread was gorgeous, as were the models. This European diversity really needs to make its way stateside. Although, Adele's March Vogue cover, that was released a few days ago, is a start in the right direction.


  1. honestly, that was one of the sexiest vogue covers i have seen in ages (the italian vogue with the lingerie editorial, though tara lynn is stunning as well). i think what would have been more telling is to have a side by side: a "regular" sized model next to those women, who have beautiful and bountiful breasts, real curves, an actual body, would look ludicrous and unattractive.

    perhaps one good first step would be to concentrate on semantics, which, rarely, ever remain in their own vacuum. calling these women "plus-sized" or "big" is, in all aspects of the word, wrong. they are not physically big, by any standards. period. when we change how we speak, we can change how we use images, and what images really mean to us. as with all things, there is of course the strong and ever present issue of economics, the exchange of goods, but, new language and new voices will help.

  2. love this!


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