Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dior Goes Editorial

As we get further and further into the age of social media, companies are finding more and more unique ways to promote their brand. Some have started their own blogs, while others are constantly tweeting and updating their Facebook pages. However, Christian Dior has recently gone the extra mile, creating a complete online magazine for the designer, called Dior Mag. They even hired an editor-in-chief to run this 'magazine', and claim they are trying to develop into a daily magazine. In addition, Susie Bubble, fashion blogger extraordinaire, of Style Bubble, has been recruited to run the twitter feed for the magazine.

Do you think that the new Dior magazine will spur a trend of brands creating their own magazines? Will Dior Mag ever make a print debut? I feel like this is a little bit of two worlds colliding - while magazines carry ads, they are not supposed to promote brands. The whole point of a fashion magazine is to get unbiased fashion advice and information. But if a magazine is owned by a designer or brand, doesn't it defeat the point? Seems much more like an extravagant marketing ploy to me.

Image via Dior Mag

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