Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The End of the Red Carpets

I promised an Oscar fashion post, and here it is. There was nothing that I was particularly blown away by, but Michelle Williams in deep coral Louis Vuitton and Rooney Mara looking a lot like a modern-day Audrey Hepburn in white Givenchy were probably tied for my favorite. Wasn't a fan of Emma Stone's Christmas present-esque gown, but hey, it was her first Oscars. Gotta give her credit for trying. I love Gwyneth Paltrow's actual dress, but I think the cape was a little bizarre. But hey, if anyone can rock it, it's Gwyneth.

 Michelle Williams

 Octavia Spencer

 Meryl Streep (The Queen Herself)

Penelope Cruz

Cameron Diaz

Rooney Mara

Jessica Chastain

Gwyneth Paltrow

Emma Stone

Dior Goes Editorial

As we get further and further into the age of social media, companies are finding more and more unique ways to promote their brand. Some have started their own blogs, while others are constantly tweeting and updating their Facebook pages. However, Christian Dior has recently gone the extra mile, creating a complete online magazine for the designer, called Dior Mag. They even hired an editor-in-chief to run this 'magazine', and claim they are trying to develop into a daily magazine. In addition, Susie Bubble, fashion blogger extraordinaire, of Style Bubble, has been recruited to run the twitter feed for the magazine.

Do you think that the new Dior magazine will spur a trend of brands creating their own magazines? Will Dior Mag ever make a print debut? I feel like this is a little bit of two worlds colliding - while magazines carry ads, they are not supposed to promote brands. The whole point of a fashion magazine is to get unbiased fashion advice and information. But if a magazine is owned by a designer or brand, doesn't it defeat the point? Seems much more like an extravagant marketing ploy to me.

Image via Dior Mag

Monday, February 27, 2012

OSCAR 2012

Excuse my blogging absence - blame a jam-packed week followed by a whirlwind trip home. My quick jaunt back to Chicago ended with the night of all nights - the Oscars. As an award show devotee, the Academy Awards are like my Christmas. I love all of it - the gorgeous (and not so) gowns, the opening songs, speeches and videos by the host, the  and of course, the presenting and accepting of awards. Here's a rundown of my favorite highlights from last night's show. (Red carpet fashion post to shortly follow)

What I Loved

1. Meryl's Win: If you know anything about my movie-going persona, you'll know I am a die-hard Meryl Streep fan. It's upset me for years that her less-talented and less-deserving counter-parts were walking away with Oscar Gold while she left empty handed (she's had 17 nominations!). Although she had two wins in the early 1980's, Meryl's career has grown and flourished tremendously since 1983, the year of her last Oscar win. Don't get me wrong - I adored the Help, but this was Meryl's year. I couldn't have been more happy that she finally got her third Oscar, and I'm still hoping for the fourth (and fifth? sixth?)

2. Billy Crystal as Host: After a few years of the Academy trying to experiment with new hosts, there's been some successes (Hugh Jackman) and some failures (James Franco and Anne Hathaway). I loved the return to the classic Oscars vibe with the reappearance of Billy Crystal as host. His opening video was hilarious, and although it wasn't the most memorable of all hostings, he's a sentimental favorite.

3. The Spreading of the Love: Despite the fact that the Artist and Hugo both took home five awards each, there was a wide variety of films nominated that actually received statues. There is nothing more boring than when one film wins every award (think Lord of the Rings: Return of the King or Titanic). However, Hugo did dominate the early half and the Artist the later. Ah well, it the Oscars - somethings never change.

4. The Mominees: If you tuned into the ABC red carpet pre-show, you might have caught the "Mominees" segment they played, which featured interviews from some of the nominee's moms - including Nina Clooney, mother of nominee George. The interviews were so sweet and such a unique point of view that is often forgot about in the hype of Oscar season. It was absolutely precious. 

5. The Supporting Categories: Both Octavia Spencer and Christopher Plummer shined during their acceptance speeches last night. You could tell how incredibly touched and happy they were. Especially with Plummer, who has been a staple in cinema and the acting world in general for decades, it was amazing to see such great talent rewarded. 

6. Woof Woof: The dog from the Artist made an appearance on stage to help accept the film's Best Picture Oscar. Need I say more?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Marni for H&M: Part 2

A few months ago, I posted a preview of Marni for H&M when news of the collaboration was released. Now, photos of every item in the collection are available on Refinery29. Personally, I wasn't the biggest fan of the Versace collaboration, (here's only so much I can take in terms of bold patterns and big color. Sometimes, too much really is too much) but the Marni collection is much more appealing to my tastes. Lots of subdued, but still bright color with silky and flowy fabric that gives the pieces a relaxed "resort" feel. I'll definitely be hitting up the H&M website when the collaboration is released (I'm doubting the Syracuse H&M will carry the collection. Upstaters need our high fashion fix too!)

Photos via Refinery29

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fashion Week Across the Pond

As much as I love New York Fashion Week, the Anglophile in me can't help but to obsess over London Fashion Week. Especially as a follower of Kate Middleton, better known now as the Duchess of Cambridge's style, London Fashion Week is the perfect place to get a glimpse of what Kate will be wearing in the next year. Some of Kate's favorite designers are showing their collections during London Fashion Week, one of my personal favorites being Jenny Packham. Jenny Packham is responsible for that absolutely gorgeous pink dress with beading that Kate wore to her first post-Royal Wedding event. I'm obsessed with Packham's Fall 2012 collection, it's the perfect mix of put-together and preppy with trendy and chic.

Photos via the Cut

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cease and Desist

Obviously, during fashion week, Lincoln Center is full of activity. Lots of (famous) people coming and going, which leads to lots of photographers, and lots of space needed to hold shows (and all those people). For business owners and those who live near Lincoln Center and have no vested interest in fashion week, it could be slightly irritating to have the entire fashion world taking over your neighborhood for eight days. While I personally think these people should just go with the flow and be thankful to be in the presence of such greatness, some feel differently. So differently, in fact, that some residents of the area have teamed up with NYC Park Advocates, and sent a cease-and-desist letter to both the city and Lincoln Center itself. They want the nearby Damrosch Park, which has become a holding ground for fashion week tents, returned to its natural state as a park (can't they find somewhere else for their dogs to do their business?)

City officials, and Lincoln Center, haven't taken the resident's complaints to seriously, saying that the cold weather prevents the park from fulfilling it's original purpose in the first place. They also argued that since Lincoln Center maintains the park, they can basically do what they want with it. Although the residents have threatened to take the matter to court, but is it really worth it to sue over two weeks out of the year? Sometimes, people just need to learn to let things go, and appreciate the fact that they're living amongst the excitement!

Bill Takes a Tumble

If you haven't seen the documentary Bill Cunningham New York yet, drop what you're doing, head over to Netflix and watch it. If you have, then you know all about the New York Times's adorable elderly fashion photographer who has documented the street style of New York for decades (and for NO pay). After watching the documentary in my fashion design history class, I was fascinated by Bill, who bikes around Manhattan daily spotting trends, which come together in the New York Times, which publishes a collage of his photographs, featuring that week's trend, weekly. He also has "On The Street" videos that he narrates on the NYTimes website weekly.

As if we needed more reasons to love him, Cunningham once again showed his dedication to his work this fashion week, when he was hit by SUV right outside of the Reed Krakoff. W's beauty director, Jane Larkworthy (@wmagjane) tweeted about the incident, saying while Cunningham was hit, that he was fine - in fact, he got right back up and started shooting again. Nothing can break this man, it seems! You've got to love someone who's that dedicated to his craft. Not even a brush with an SUV (we're not even talking a baby hybrid here) can get Bill down, and he'll be around for years to come to share his photos with us.

Is he not the cutest old man you've ever seen in your life?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

J. Crew Hits the Runways

As much as I love Fashion Week, I can admit that for me, a college student with a budget that can sometimes only stretch as far as morning bagels and late night pizza, watching the clothes on the runways is a lot more about lusting after what I'll never have than it is about looking for pieces that I will one day purchase. However, one store that can fit my student's income is J. Crew. As you can probably tell from my trend and look posts, I'm fairly obsessed with the preppy store filled with classic pieces. I love seeing looks from my favorite store on the Fashion Week runways alongside the couture from the countless other designers showing off their collections. It's the perfect fusion of affordable and chic! Here are some of my favorite looks from the show:

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Singles Awareness Day!

Regardless of your relationship status, there's always something nice about a day filled with people saying "I love you", exchanging gifts, and eating a lot of sweets. For those of us who are without a Valentine's date this February 14th, take advantage of all the good things that the holiday has to offer - cute movies, tasty candies, cookies, cakes, and other baked goods, and be thankful for the people in your life that you do love - regardless of whether it's a romantic love or not. And if all else fails, the most reliable men in the world - Ben and Jerry - will always be there to make sure you have a successful V-Day. 

Images via Pinterest

Monday, February 13, 2012

Elle France Goes Big

Despite society's outcry for the lack of full-figured women featured in magazines, the media still strays away from flaunting plus-size models in magazine spreads and particularly on covers. For their February issue, Elle France featured successful plus-size model Tara Lynn on their cover. Clearly, the French can be more forward-thinking than their American counterparts. Lynn has also been featuredI took a class on diversity in the fashion media last semester, and we spent a bit of time talking about size diversity in fashion magazines. One of the other "daring" covers we discussed was Italian Vogue's June 2011 cover, where they put three plus size models on their cover in lingerie. The spread was gorgeous, as were the models. This European diversity really needs to make its way stateside. Although, Adele's March Vogue cover, that was released a few days ago, is a start in the right direction.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lots and Lots of Leopard

4. Beige Leopard Belt (Topshop)

One of my favorite trends that has been popping up in stores everywhere recently is animal print, or more specifically, leopard (or cheetah? I never really knew) print. I think it's the perfect way to add a little extra excitement to your outfit - whether it's with an accessory, like a belt or a watch, or something bolder, like leopard print shoes or a cardigan or button-down. I personally invested in a pair of leopard print loafers a month ago and I'm completely in love. It's ironic, but even though it's such a bold pattern, they really do seem to go with everything. I can barely wait until the weather's warmer so I can wear them even more! A few of my favorite leopard-inspired items are pictured above.

Friday, February 10, 2012

NYFW 2012: The Beginning

We've officially seen the dawn of New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012. While the majority of shows have yet to occur, there's already been lots to talk about on the runways. Just because we're tucked away in our college towns doesn't mean we can't look, right? has always been my favorite resource to find all the fashion week photos and news. I'm seeing a lot of muted, dark colors so far in this year's shows. While that's no shock, the clothes are being designed for the colder months, I still feel like I'm craving some color. Here are some of my favorite looks from a few of the shows thus far:

 Charlotte Ronson

 Rag & Bone

 Rebecca Minkoff

 Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor

Images via

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Fashion Week Swap

I am so excited for New York Fashion Week starting tomorrow! I love seeing what all the designers have created and the entire atmosphere of the event is just so captivating, even from some 250 miles away. I always keep up with fashion week via the web - fashion websites like and of course, all my favorite blogs. As an avid blog reader (and a blogger myself), I could not be more excited for a premiere event happening this fashion week. Thanks to Polyvore, fashion and beauty bloggers are getting their own chance to walk the runways at Fashion Week. The bloggers will be decked out in styles by Dana-Maxx, Lauren Bagliore, Gavaskar, and Celestino, four FIT alumni. Some of my favorite bloggers, including my editor from College Fashionista, Amy Levin, will be walking in the show. Click here to see Refinery 29's full list of the bloggers walking in the show and keep your eyes peeled for your favorites!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Tale of Two Cities

One of my favorite blogs is Paris vs. New York. All the posts are graphics comparing aspects of the two cities in a unique and cartoon-ish way. Some of them you can even buy as posters (there are many that I'm tempted to purchase...) This past week, the founder of the site, Vahram Muratyan, came out with a book featuring some of the best graphics from the site, and more! Paris and New York are two of my favorite cities on the planet, and without a doubt two hubs for cultural and iconic activity. From things like the city's favorite dessert to the way its citizens hail taxis, it's fun to see the two cities compared and be shown some appreciation for their special differences. Here are a few of my favorites:

Images via Paris Versus New York
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