Tuesday, January 31, 2012

An Ugg-ly Situation

I admit it - I wear UGG boots. When I bought my first pair (they were baby blue and I was 12 years old), I truly did think they were the cutest thing in footwear since Birkenstocks (why did this middle school trends exist? WHY?). Now, living in upstate New York for the majority of the year, I still don the furry boots when the weather gets snowy and cold (although their lack of traction has led to a few mishaps involving ice). I've realized that while UGGs may not be the most fashionable footwear, they just may be the warmest - I can appreciate them for what they are. However, there are some people that have such passionate hatred against UGGs. Maybe it's because of their extreme popularity. Or their rather simple design.

One school in Pennsylvania took their disdain for UGGs to a whole new level. The Cut recently reported that a middle school in Pottstown, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia, banned UGG boots from the school. Alright, it wasn't because of the administration's hatred for the furry boots. Students were using the spacious boots to hid their cell phones in during recess and then snuck them in to text during class (I have to say, this is brillant. No one at my middle school ever thought of this!). Student can wear the boots to and from school, so at least they'll have them to combat the weather - but they have to leave them in their lockers during the day. Parents are apparently already protesting, so hopefully, for these middle schoolers sakes, this 'shoe ban' will be lifted soon. Middle school winters without UGGs is like a Syracuse winter without a knee-length down puffer coat - unthinkable.

Photo via Hallak

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