Monday, January 23, 2012

Disney Cover Girls (And Boys)

We all know that just because you're in college doesn't mean your love for Disney has to diminish. In fact, after the late elementary school to early high school years of pretending you think Disney is 'so lame' in order to boost your own cool factor and show off how adult you are, our college selves find ourselves longing for the simple days of watching Cinderella. A Tumblr blog, Petite Tiaras, designs Disney princess graphics to satisfy that longing. As a magazine journalism student, some of my favorite graphics on the blog are the Disney princess magazine covers. Recently, the blog came out with magazine covers for the girl's male counterparts. Here are few of my favorites:


  1. These covers are so fun! Nothing like colliding my favorite mags with my favorite Disney princesses (and princes)!

  2. The costume itself is beautiful, as girls wear a gold skirt along with a blue bodice accentuated with red pleated sleeves. The Queen was jealous of Snow White's beauty, but she never used it to feel any different towards anyone.princess bedroom


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