Friday, November 11, 2011

This Is Why I'm Broke

If all college students could agree on something, it's that they're oftentimes short on two things: time and money. With long hours in class, cab fares, piles of homework, late night food orders and a procrastination habit that just won't quit, time and money seem to consistently come up short.

Which is why I'm showcasing one MORE opportunity for my like-minded collegians to waste even MORE time and money. This Is Why I'm Broke shows off all the stuff we have absolutely no use for, but still think of a long list of reasons why we have to have it. A few of my personal favorite items from the site are listed below:

Inflatable, climbable iceberg

Suit pajamas - For the Barney Stinson in all of us

A cookie bowl mold - when only ice cream just doesn't do the trick

For those in long distance relationships (or just need to cuddle)

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