Monday, October 10, 2011

Today's Music Obsession

I have this thing I do where I find a new song I like and I literally never stop listening to it. I'm not exaggerating (something I'm known to do) - it's a constant repeat and before I know it I've listened to a song 50 times in three hours. (This is the reason why Party in the USA has 175 plays on my iTunes).

Today, I can't stop listening to Joni Mitchell's Free Man in Paris. I attended a lecture all about Mitchell for my news writing class Friday afternoon. While I was pretty lost during the lecture (is it just me, or is listening to someone reading off a paper for an hour boring?), the speaker played this song and I jotted the title down to download it later. Today, while writing the coverage of the lecture, I did just that and I have to say I'm in love. Mitchell's voice is soulful and smooth, and the song is just amazing. I've already downloaded two more of her albums - Blue and Court & Spark - I'm obsessed. Take a listen to Free Man in Paris below.

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