Monday, October 10, 2011

Snow White Makes a Comeback

What is with all the fairy tale love lately? I'm not complaining (I'm still five years old), but I feel like modernized versions of fairy tales have been popping up everywhere lately on TV and on the big screen.

First there's the new show on ABC, Once Upon A Time, starring Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison (of House M.D. and Zoey from HIMYIM), which premieres Oct 23. The show is about a small town in Maine where fairy tale characters are real - but in a modern setting. Ginnifer explains it better than I do.

There's also NBC's Grimm, which premieres Oct 21. Grimm is about a detective who discovers he's descended from the Grimms - a group of people who can recognize fairy tale characters as they try to blend into the real world. Think of it as a detective show for Cinderella. On a side note, what is with NBC and ABC doing similar shows this fall? ABC won the 60's round, whose going to win this one? Grimm's pilot script has gotten good reviews so far, so maybe NBC will even the score. (Although giving it a Friday night time slot doesn't voice a whole lot of confidence).

And then today, Entertainment Weekly released photos of the upcoming March 16 2012 Snow White, starring Lily Collins and Julia Roberts. The costumes alone make me want to see it. Check out Julia Roberts' giant red dress, with feathers on the back that make her look like a peacock, and Lily Collins's swan headdress.

Not to mention that there's another Snow White, this one much more epic and violence based, called Snow White and the Huntsman coming out in June 2012. It's starring everyone's favorite mono-expression actress, Kristen Stewart. Doesn't that make you anxious to see it?

And then of course, there's Sleeping Beauty, due out this winter, but it's prostitution premise tells me it'll be a little less Disney, and little more HBO.

Images courtesy of Google Images and Entertainment Weekly.

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