Thursday, October 27, 2011

Project Runway's Sister Show

For those who are dreading the end of Project Runway tonight, fear not! The show's first spinoff, Project Accessory, premieres tonight at 10:30, right after the Project Runway season finale. The Heidi Klum of Project Accessory is jewelry designer/actress Molly Sims. The Tim Gunn will be Eva Lorenzotti, CEO of Vivre (but no one can replace Tim Gunn!) and the judges are InStyle Editor Ariel Foxman (a man, despite sharing the name of the Disney princess), and Kenneth Cole.

Obviously, the show is a spinoff, but the panel seems to be trying almost TOO hard to replicate the original, down to the occupations of the judges (respected designer and top fashion editor?) The panel is great and respectable, and I'm sure will have great things to say about the designs, but it is a little cookie-cutter. However, since the same team is behind the spinoff, it's sure to produce the same drama and glamourous looks that Project Runway has been giving us for seasons. I feel like accessory designers often don't get enough credit and can be out shadowed by clothing designers, so hopefully the show will propel its winners to accessory-designing stardom.

Lorenzetti, Cole, Foxman and Sims

Photos courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter

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