Friday, October 14, 2011

Kate the Great

If the fact that I've had less than 10 posts and already two of them are about the Duchess of Cambridge tells you anything, it's that I'm completely obsessed with the British Royal Family, and more specifically, Wills and Kate. This summer, the obsession got real when I went to London (to feed an entirely different obsession, but more on that later), and saw the Duchess's gorgeous Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown in person.

The exhibit closed it's doors to the public on October 3rd, after have 600,000+ visitors feast their eyes on it this summer. Having Kate's dress on display boosted ticket sales and number of visitors tremendously, setting a new palace record - last year's dress-less exhibition of the Buckingham Palace State Rooms brought in a measly 413,000. Kate is like King Midas - everything she touches turns to gold.

As someone who saw the dress in person (a moment I will never, ever forget), I can say that there's good reason for the exhibition's success. The dress was absolutely stunning, not to mention the shoes, earring, cake and replica bouquet. There was also a video of Sarah Burton discussing the creation of the dress on repeat. The thought and detail that went into the dress was incredible - the lace on the dress is cut and designed from several other lace patterns, with different flowers to represent the different countries in the UK. Combined with Royal Wedding footage streaming in the next room, it made for an incredible afternoon.

If you missed it, I hate to say that the Duchess is planning to keep the dress in storage, rather than on display next summer. I guess we'll just have to wait for the next Royal Wedding...

Images courtesy of the International Business Times

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