Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Hall of Fame

Despite the fact that the calendar has yet to hit October 31st, in my eyes, Halloween is over. At a school like Syracuse, when you're involved in Greek life, Halloween is a weekly occurrence. However, this weekend gave students the freedom to dress up as anything they please, without the constrains of a themed party.

This year, there was (of course) parades of sexy nurses, cowgirls, and cats. There were some who dared to go above and beyond and rocked my two favorite costumes from this past Halloween. And if you're planning to continue the celebration tomorrow, take note!

I adored the Darren Aronsofky film Black Swan, about a psychologically instable ballerina fighting between her inner white swan and black swan. Obviously, in terms of costumes, the black swan is much more fun and unique (and you'll look like more than just a ballerina). I saw a lot of girls dressed up as a black swan this weekend, and I wish I had thought of it first!

I'm absolutely a twitter addict (@dianapearl_), so I was loving all the twitter-inspired costumes I saw around campus this Halloween. From hashtags to logos to the actual twitter bird, social media definitely had it's place in this year's Halloween.

Images courtesy of Etsy, Haitham.Info

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