Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Babyoncé a Fraud?

Reading twitter in class this morning, I saw that everyone's been talking about the Beyonce's disappearing baby bump. What happened was -- Beyonce was on an Australian talk show Sunday night, and when she sat down, the bump appeared to fold over and collapse.

Naturally, everyone began freaking out and thinking the worst - she's pregnant with an alien! Okay, not really. But this 'folding over' baby bump is putting weird thoughts in people's minds. The most plausible of which, is that Beyonce and Jay-Z are using a surrogate and Beyonce's just pretending like she's pregnant.

Honestly, I think people just need to calm down. Maybe it was just the way the fabric folds? The camera angle? There's plenty of reasons for this 'folding over' shot that don't include Beyonce faking a pregnancy. Also, don't you think Beyonce and Jay-Z have enough money to get a quality fake baby bump if they so desired? Leave Beyonce alone and let her enjoy her pregnancy.

Beyonce decides to avoid the Demi Moore approach to pregnant magazine covers.

Photos courtesy of Oh No They Didn't and The Cut

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