Sunday, October 9, 2011

1960's Does TV/TV Does 1960's

I'm obsessed with the 1960's. I think it was such an interesting time in American history. The clothes were gorgeous, the music was awesome, and of course my obsession also isn't hindered by the fact that I'm completely in love with the Kennedy family (what I wouldn't give to have been alive from 1960-1963).

Clearly, I'm not alone in my obsession. AMC's 1960's set Mad Men has become a huge hit - sweeping the Emmy's and Golden Globe's for years (who else is still reeling from Jon Hamm's Emmy snub?). ABC and NBC have decided to hop the period TV bandwagon, with the Playboy Club (NBC) and Pan Am (ABC). NBC's attempt didn't do so well, with the show getting cancelled after just three episodes, making it the first show to enter the TV graveyard of the Fall 2011 season (RIP). However, Pan Am is still soaring (shameless pun).

Just from two episodes of Pan Am, I'm already hooked. A new, exotic location every week? Check. Mystery courtesy of the CIA and the Cold War? Check. A cast with great chemistry and dynamics? Check. Pan Am has all the makings to be the Mad Men of the sky, but does a great job of remembering its network TV audience, and keeping things a little less serious and heavy than they can be on Mad Men.

We're beautiful, intelligent, and we get to travel the world. It's casual.

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