Monday, October 31, 2011

The Today Show Takes On Halloween

If you didn't catch the Today show this morning, you missed the group Halloween dress-up as the British Royal Family. Of course, I was obsessed. Meredith Viera saying "I can't believe this is what my life has been reduced to" was a favorite moment of mine. And of course, Al Roker as Prince Harry was a perfect match.

They weren't the only ones to emulate the wedding of the year (Kim Kardashian's wedding isn't even close to a threat anymore - like it ever was - after today's divorce announcement). Kate Spade recreated the wedding scene in a photo posted on their blog, Behind the Curtain, today in honor of the holiday.

Images Courtesy of USA Today and Duchess Kate Blog

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Hall of Fame

Despite the fact that the calendar has yet to hit October 31st, in my eyes, Halloween is over. At a school like Syracuse, when you're involved in Greek life, Halloween is a weekly occurrence. However, this weekend gave students the freedom to dress up as anything they please, without the constrains of a themed party.

This year, there was (of course) parades of sexy nurses, cowgirls, and cats. There were some who dared to go above and beyond and rocked my two favorite costumes from this past Halloween. And if you're planning to continue the celebration tomorrow, take note!

I adored the Darren Aronsofky film Black Swan, about a psychologically instable ballerina fighting between her inner white swan and black swan. Obviously, in terms of costumes, the black swan is much more fun and unique (and you'll look like more than just a ballerina). I saw a lot of girls dressed up as a black swan this weekend, and I wish I had thought of it first!

I'm absolutely a twitter addict (@dianapearl_), so I was loving all the twitter-inspired costumes I saw around campus this Halloween. From hashtags to logos to the actual twitter bird, social media definitely had it's place in this year's Halloween.

Images courtesy of Etsy, Haitham.Info

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Project Runway's Sister Show

For those who are dreading the end of Project Runway tonight, fear not! The show's first spinoff, Project Accessory, premieres tonight at 10:30, right after the Project Runway season finale. The Heidi Klum of Project Accessory is jewelry designer/actress Molly Sims. The Tim Gunn will be Eva Lorenzotti, CEO of Vivre (but no one can replace Tim Gunn!) and the judges are InStyle Editor Ariel Foxman (a man, despite sharing the name of the Disney princess), and Kenneth Cole.

Obviously, the show is a spinoff, but the panel seems to be trying almost TOO hard to replicate the original, down to the occupations of the judges (respected designer and top fashion editor?) The panel is great and respectable, and I'm sure will have great things to say about the designs, but it is a little cookie-cutter. However, since the same team is behind the spinoff, it's sure to produce the same drama and glamourous looks that Project Runway has been giving us for seasons. I feel like accessory designers often don't get enough credit and can be out shadowed by clothing designers, so hopefully the show will propel its winners to accessory-designing stardom.

Lorenzetti, Cole, Foxman and Sims

Photos courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The End of Indian Summer

It's been in the 70's and 80's for the majority of the past month and a half of the semester here in Syracuse. While I shouldn't be complaining - warm weather in Syracuse past September is rarer than a pair of flats from the Missoni for Target collection (why didn't I order off my phone? WHY?), so we should appreciate it as much as we can.

However, I can help but be a bit disappointed that my favorite season - Fall - is being cut short. Fall has the best foods, the lead up to the best holidays, some of my favorite weather, and of course, my favorite clothes. Fall is a season that should be filled with soft sweaters and classic boots, creating simple but chic ensembles for class, dining out, or lounging in your dorm. Cardigans, pullovers, patterned and solid - sweaters will always make you feel cozy and comfortable. Check out some of my favorite sweaters, all from J. Crew (my fashion heaven), below.

A good pair of boots is also a must for the season. I'm personally obsessed with riding boots, especially knee-high pairs. Riding boots are practical for the season, and in neutral colors, can go with most outfits. I'm eyeing a two-toned pair from Frye currently, seen second from the right below, among my other favorite pairs for the season.

Photos courtesy of J. Crew and Piperlime

Friday, October 14, 2011

Kate the Great

If the fact that I've had less than 10 posts and already two of them are about the Duchess of Cambridge tells you anything, it's that I'm completely obsessed with the British Royal Family, and more specifically, Wills and Kate. This summer, the obsession got real when I went to London (to feed an entirely different obsession, but more on that later), and saw the Duchess's gorgeous Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown in person.

The exhibit closed it's doors to the public on October 3rd, after have 600,000+ visitors feast their eyes on it this summer. Having Kate's dress on display boosted ticket sales and number of visitors tremendously, setting a new palace record - last year's dress-less exhibition of the Buckingham Palace State Rooms brought in a measly 413,000. Kate is like King Midas - everything she touches turns to gold.

As someone who saw the dress in person (a moment I will never, ever forget), I can say that there's good reason for the exhibition's success. The dress was absolutely stunning, not to mention the shoes, earring, cake and replica bouquet. There was also a video of Sarah Burton discussing the creation of the dress on repeat. The thought and detail that went into the dress was incredible - the lace on the dress is cut and designed from several other lace patterns, with different flowers to represent the different countries in the UK. Combined with Royal Wedding footage streaming in the next room, it made for an incredible afternoon.

If you missed it, I hate to say that the Duchess is planning to keep the dress in storage, rather than on display next summer. I guess we'll just have to wait for the next Royal Wedding...

Images courtesy of the International Business Times

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Syracuse's Finest

Just thought I'd share this gem of a photo I found while reading the Syracuse Post Standard today. There isn't really much to say, because the picture truly speaks for itself.

I have no words.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Babyoncé a Fraud?

Reading twitter in class this morning, I saw that everyone's been talking about the Beyonce's disappearing baby bump. What happened was -- Beyonce was on an Australian talk show Sunday night, and when she sat down, the bump appeared to fold over and collapse.

Naturally, everyone began freaking out and thinking the worst - she's pregnant with an alien! Okay, not really. But this 'folding over' baby bump is putting weird thoughts in people's minds. The most plausible of which, is that Beyonce and Jay-Z are using a surrogate and Beyonce's just pretending like she's pregnant.

Honestly, I think people just need to calm down. Maybe it was just the way the fabric folds? The camera angle? There's plenty of reasons for this 'folding over' shot that don't include Beyonce faking a pregnancy. Also, don't you think Beyonce and Jay-Z have enough money to get a quality fake baby bump if they so desired? Leave Beyonce alone and let her enjoy her pregnancy.

Beyonce decides to avoid the Demi Moore approach to pregnant magazine covers.

Photos courtesy of Oh No They Didn't and The Cut

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Return of the Boy Band, courtesy of Lance Bass

Lance Bass is trying to relive his NSync glory days vicariously through his new brain child, the boy band Heart2Heart. Their first single, "Facebook Official", hit YouTube a week ago, and has had 500K views since (so it's not a Rebecca Black level popularity yet). It's interesting hearing boy bands singing about Facebook - since social media was practically non-existent in the heyday of NSync, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, etc. Give it a listen - do you think Heart2Heart is going to spur a boy band comeback?

I'm thinking not. Oh, the things former pop stars do to fill their time.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Snow White Makes a Comeback

What is with all the fairy tale love lately? I'm not complaining (I'm still five years old), but I feel like modernized versions of fairy tales have been popping up everywhere lately on TV and on the big screen.

First there's the new show on ABC, Once Upon A Time, starring Ginnifer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison (of House M.D. and Zoey from HIMYIM), which premieres Oct 23. The show is about a small town in Maine where fairy tale characters are real - but in a modern setting. Ginnifer explains it better than I do.

There's also NBC's Grimm, which premieres Oct 21. Grimm is about a detective who discovers he's descended from the Grimms - a group of people who can recognize fairy tale characters as they try to blend into the real world. Think of it as a detective show for Cinderella. On a side note, what is with NBC and ABC doing similar shows this fall? ABC won the 60's round, whose going to win this one? Grimm's pilot script has gotten good reviews so far, so maybe NBC will even the score. (Although giving it a Friday night time slot doesn't voice a whole lot of confidence).

And then today, Entertainment Weekly released photos of the upcoming March 16 2012 Snow White, starring Lily Collins and Julia Roberts. The costumes alone make me want to see it. Check out Julia Roberts' giant red dress, with feathers on the back that make her look like a peacock, and Lily Collins's swan headdress.

Not to mention that there's another Snow White, this one much more epic and violence based, called Snow White and the Huntsman coming out in June 2012. It's starring everyone's favorite mono-expression actress, Kristen Stewart. Doesn't that make you anxious to see it?

And then of course, there's Sleeping Beauty, due out this winter, but it's prostitution premise tells me it'll be a little less Disney, and little more HBO.

Images courtesy of Google Images and Entertainment Weekly.

Today's Music Obsession

I have this thing I do where I find a new song I like and I literally never stop listening to it. I'm not exaggerating (something I'm known to do) - it's a constant repeat and before I know it I've listened to a song 50 times in three hours. (This is the reason why Party in the USA has 175 plays on my iTunes).

Today, I can't stop listening to Joni Mitchell's Free Man in Paris. I attended a lecture all about Mitchell for my news writing class Friday afternoon. While I was pretty lost during the lecture (is it just me, or is listening to someone reading off a paper for an hour boring?), the speaker played this song and I jotted the title down to download it later. Today, while writing the coverage of the lecture, I did just that and I have to say I'm in love. Mitchell's voice is soulful and smooth, and the song is just amazing. I've already downloaded two more of her albums - Blue and Court & Spark - I'm obsessed. Take a listen to Free Man in Paris below.

Stella McCartney

Paris Fashion Week recently came to a close, but that doesn't mean we've stopped talking about it. There was much to love, but a personal favorite was the Stella McCartney collection. I loved the hues of blue and the juxtaposition of patterns. The dresses were light and airy, high fashion but very wearable - a great combination.

Images courtesy of

People Who Make Me Hate My Life

I'm starting a new series called "People Who Make Me Hate My Life", a series of posts all about people whose lives are so spectacularly awesome they make anyone else's (namely, my own) pale in comparison. For the first segment of this series, I'm going to profile the woman who every girl in the world is disgustingly jealous of. She has truly made every girl who has ever seen a Disney movie green with envy and is truly someone who makes people hate their lives.

Kate Middleton

Today, Kate Middleton is known as the Duchess of Cambridge, the future Queen of England and the luckiest girl on the planet. However, just under ten years ago, she was just a normal college freshman, who happened to live in the same dorm as the future King of England. If you've seen the gem of a made-for-TV movie Will & Kate: Let Love Rule on Lifetime, you'll know the history of their typical college romance turned tabloid gossip drama. Average college girl Of course, Kate was just 'Waity Katie' until this past November, when Prince William finally put a ring on it (his mother's gorgeous sapphire and diamond engagement ring). From that moment, the Duchess has been constantly in the public eye, propelling her to 'fashion icon' status. For a record of each look, check out The Cut's Kate Middleton Look Book, AKA a collection of outfits that makes me hate my own clothes.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attending the ARK Gala dinner at Kensington Palace.

Why exactly does Kate Middleton make commoners everywhere hate their lives? Because she has done the impossible. Every little girl grows up watching Cinderella, longing for the one day that they too will find their own Prince Charming. For American girls, we grow up and realize that we don't live in a monarchial state, and that the best we can hope for is being first lady, which, let's face it, unless you're Jacqueline Kennedy, just doesn't have the same ring to it as "Princess" or "Her Royal Highness". Girls in the UK have the sense to realize that chances are, they won't ever be in the same room as William or Harry, let alone be their wives. Kate, or Catherine, as she now likes to be called, on the other hand, never gave up hope. Who knows if it was by fate or careful planning that she ended up going to the same university, living in the same dorm as the future King of England, but either way, it worked. Although she had to wait eight years, she now gets to tour the commonwealth (and Hollywood!), wear the world's most beautiful clothes, be praised in the press, and be a PRINCESS. I think her years as 'Waity Katie' were well worth her newfound royal life.

So thanks, Kate, for making girls everywhere believe their fairy tale dreams are possible. The sad truth is, there's only one Prince William, and marrying the second son just doesn't have the same cache.

If only I could go to Canada with Wills and wear a Maple Leaf Fascinator. #commonergirlproblems

NOTE: This post was previously published on my old blog, I've started a new blog, but love the post, and wanted to share it here.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

1960's Does TV/TV Does 1960's

I'm obsessed with the 1960's. I think it was such an interesting time in American history. The clothes were gorgeous, the music was awesome, and of course my obsession also isn't hindered by the fact that I'm completely in love with the Kennedy family (what I wouldn't give to have been alive from 1960-1963).

Clearly, I'm not alone in my obsession. AMC's 1960's set Mad Men has become a huge hit - sweeping the Emmy's and Golden Globe's for years (who else is still reeling from Jon Hamm's Emmy snub?). ABC and NBC have decided to hop the period TV bandwagon, with the Playboy Club (NBC) and Pan Am (ABC). NBC's attempt didn't do so well, with the show getting cancelled after just three episodes, making it the first show to enter the TV graveyard of the Fall 2011 season (RIP). However, Pan Am is still soaring (shameless pun).

Just from two episodes of Pan Am, I'm already hooked. A new, exotic location every week? Check. Mystery courtesy of the CIA and the Cold War? Check. A cast with great chemistry and dynamics? Check. Pan Am has all the makings to be the Mad Men of the sky, but does a great job of remembering its network TV audience, and keeping things a little less serious and heavy than they can be on Mad Men.

We're beautiful, intelligent, and we get to travel the world. It's casual.

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